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How to Transition Into Another Industry Using Your Résumé

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Often time, I come across clients who have stellar work experience, promotions, top notch skills, and are making nice money, but are unfulfilled. They are simply unfulfilled because although they have achieved mass success in current and previous roles, they are not working in the industry that they desire to be in.


The key to this frustration is fairly simple: make a transition into a career opportunity into the industry that you would like! Easier said than done, right? That’s the purpose of this article! Let me address four steps to make this transition an ultimate breeze for you:


Magnify Transferrable Skills

I cannot stress these enough! Transferrable skills are skills that can be used in any and every industry. These skills include Leadership, Teamwork, Oral and Written Communication, and the like. Be sure to look at the experience that you do have and try to derive transferrable skills from them. For example, if you are accountant that aims to go into child care, the fact that you spotted a $400,000 error in the general ledger is attention to detail! Build off of what you have.


Garner and Develop Industry-Specific Skills

Build your skillset by learning what is needed in the role in that industry and begin to work on them. An easy way to find this information is to examine common job descriptions and network with others who are in a similar role. To add a cherry on top, be able to use that skill before you list it on your résumé to give tangibility to what you’ve learned.


Place Core Competencies / Technical Skills / Certifications Near the Top

Depending on your current résumé, your skills may be near the bottom or top, but if you are trying to break into a new industry, definitely move this area near the top of the document.


Draw From Your Experiences to Match Industry Keywords

An excellent way to complete this is to grab the job description, examine your current experience, and see where you have hidden abilities that are actually required for this role!



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