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Top Industries with the Highest Income Potential

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Before I entered college, I knew that I wanted to enter university as a Sociology major and eventually become an entertainment lawyer. After I chose my major and came back home from college after my first semester, my mom pulled me to the side and said, “you know that there’s no money in majors like Psychology and Sociology. Why don’t you become an engineering major?” Though my mom told me that way before college, this time I took consideration to what she said and change my major to Business Administration.


Although I did not follow my heart to litigate for celebrities, I understood what my mom was telling me: to pick a major in a field where I have higher income potential. In today’s economy (especially in the United States), it is imperative to gain employment in a field that aligns your skills, abilities and of course, a nice income! According to Forbes, the top ten industries with the highest income potential (ranked along with median salaries) are as follows:


  1. Software and IT Services ($104,000)
  2. Hardware and Networking ($101,100)
  3. Manufacturing ($85,600)
  4. Healthcare ($84,600)
  5. Finance ($82,800)
  6. Consumer Goods ($80,000)
  7. Construction ($78,500)
  8. Corporate Services ($75,000)
  9. Legal ($72,600)
  10. Media and Communications ($71,900)


Granted, there is nothing wrong with following your heart and operating in your purpose and mission. It is often said that your purpose is a marriage between what you’re good at, what you like to do and what others will pay for. The purpose (no pun intended) of this article is to inform others on what industries have the most potential to give them a comfortable livelihood in terms of salary. For career related questions, feel free to comment below or email me at Like, share and comment!


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