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 Why should I patronize The MFactor?
Many résumé writers can produce a quality résumé, but all cannot cultivate a meaningful relationship, communicate effectively, and encourage the client the way that The MFactor can! The company prides itself on being wholeheartedly client-focused. We assist you in getting your dream career through writing certified professional documents at modest prices, highlighting your best achievements versus presenting mere job duties, and helping find your true passion. Also, we maintain communication with you throughout the process, have quick delivery, and offer complimentary hard copies free of charge.

What is an “MFactor”?
 An “MFactor” is your professional niche that allows for you to be the main attraction, or headliner, in your professional life. In other words, your “MFactor” is the definitive career choice that you make as a result of putting yourself first in your endeavors. For example, once I understood that I loved and thrived in writing and business, I came to the realization that my “MFactor” was owning my own career writing business! I am much happier because of it!

Why do I need professionally written career documents?  
As your chances of an interview all depend on a few documents (the résumé being the main one), the stakes are high and choosing a professional to write for you is a wise choice! Professionally written documents encourage career success sooner. Statistics show that professionally written résumés make clients 38% more likely to be contacted by recruiters, 31% more likely to land an interview and 40% more likely to land the job. Also, professional writers stay on top of current trends and reflect it in their work. They also assist in writing achievement-based documents to best communicate the talents of the client. When your career documents are in the hands of professionals, you are more likely to have success sooner!

What industries do you service?
The MFactor services all industries including finance, accounting, government, creative arts, social sciences, engineering, human resources, etcetera.

Do you write curriculum vitae?
Currently, we do provide curriculum vitae as a part of our service offering.

Why should I purchase from The MFactor versus going to my school’s career center?
Among students who graduated between 2010 and 2016, only 17% found their school’s career centers to be very helpful. The main reason is that college students become dissatisfied by college career centers after having gone once. The MFactor presents itself as a one stop shop for your career writing documents. Not also will you get high quality documents from someone who stays on top of current trends and has been in your position more recently, but the company can assist with helping you set goals for your budding career.  

What is the end-to-end process?
Step One: Select product / service, complete the Client Screening Form, make purchase, email current document (if needed). Services can only begin if all requirements are fulfilled.

Step Two: The company will contact you via email with a completed product. You may be contacted for a Skype/call consultation should more information be needed. 

Step Three: Once final revision is complete, document is sent in three formats (Microsoft Word docx, Adobe PDF, and ASCII plain text)!
How will I know my experience level (i.e. an Apprentice vs. an Initiate)?
Please refer to our Services tab to decipher your level. Your level is strictly contingent on your experience level. For special instances where a client is an older college student or is in graduate school yet still has extensive work experience, his or her experience takes precedence over academic status. For example, if a grad student has five years of work experience, he or she may qualify as a Diplomat as opposed to an Apprentice. Should you have a very unique situation, feel free to email the company at
What does my purchase include?
Your purchase includes a write (or rewrite of a current document) based on information provided, a Skype or telephone call (if needed), and unlimited revisions before final delivery.

What is the turnover?
It depends on the service being provided. Please check the service you're interested in. 

How will communication be facilitated throughout the process?
During the process, communication will flow seamlessly. Once all facets are gathered (form, current document, and payment), expect a confirmation email. If needed, you will be contacted via email and phone for a consultation. After the first write/rewrite, the company will email a draft to you. If the document is to your liking, the final hard copy will be emailed to you.  

Do I have to live in the Mid-Atlantic to purchase services?
No. The MFactor LLC is an online business that although is operated and based in the Mid Atlantic, happily services all regions of the United States and other countries!

How much do résumé writers usually charge?
Most professional résumé writers charge based on experience level of clientele. For college and entry level professionals, the average cost is up to $400, between $550 and $650 for mid-level professionals, and between $850 and $1,100 for senior and executive level professionals.

Can I use the same résumé to apply for more than one career opportunity? Cover letter?
Though it’s a controversial topic among résumé writers and recruiters, as long as the résumé adheres to common elements of what each career opportunity is seeking, using the same résumé is acceptable. The same cover letter must not be circulated between different opportunities for risk of using the wrong address information.

What are the accepted payment methods?
 Accepted payment methods include all major credit cards (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. Purchases must be paid in full before services can begin.

Does the company have retail locations?
No. Since The MFactor, LLC operates strictly as an online business (outside of The MFactory), there are no brick and mortar locations. However, Skype and call consultations are readily available.

Are there discounts?
 Yes! We have periodic discounts available for those who sign up for The MFactor Militia (the company’s exclusive newsletter group).

What is your customer service policy?
At The MFactor, our five cardinal values (dignity, respect, humility, uplift, and dutiful efficiency) are practiced whenever communicating with a client. The company promises to be enthusiastic in its interactions with all clientele. In addition, after their purchase experience, the company will follow up with the client via email or telephone to discuss their progress.

When can I expect a reply to a call and or email?
Voicemails and emails will be dutifully answered within an estimated 24 to 48 hours of the call and or email.


Am I able to get a refund?
No. Once a purchase is made, it is final.

What are the warranties?  
The company encourages the widespread circulation of the résumé to “saturate” the market to gain as many interviews as possible. However, if after 60 days of delivery with no interviews, the company allows one free rewrite to résumés only.

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