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At The MFactor, LLC, one of our cardinal values is Uplift, meaning we aim to inspire lives that we never knew existed by paying it forward. As the community branch of the company, The MFactory is a program with the mission to produce young minority leaders that are better equipped for their prospective careers through interactive speaking engagements.
Annual Competition
The company will travel to two high schools per year to speak on a topic of the school’s choice:
• Entrepreneurship
• Financial Management
• College Preparation

Each March and September, high schools in the Washington, D.C., Prince George’s County, MD, and northern Virginia area will enter a drawing contest (as appointed by school principal) and once the winner is announced, visits will be made in April and October.

Further communication will be given to the winner once announced.

Outside of the annual competition, the company is open to making school visits as its schedule permits. If interested, please complete the booking info fields in the Contact Us page. Cultivating wealth building and business ownership, one school at a time!

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